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Translation and Subtitles for a Contemporary Art Museum

Client: Centre Pompidou-Metz, France.

Industry: Museums and cultural institutions.

Needs: Translation and subtitles into French, as well as spotting and synchronization of films and short videos. The language source of some videos was English, other videos were either in Spanish, Catalan, Italian or Japanese.

Volume: From 2 700 words up to 10 000 words depending on reports to be translated, mostly around 8 000 words.

Our Solutions : For several years now, whenever the Centre Pompidou-Metz orders audiovisual translation services from Cultures Connection, our team has been thrilled to set up and deal with this client’s cultural projects. Among the projects this great French museum has entrusted us with, let’s note: a feature film by a German director, a short film by a French director – she won a prize at the Venice Biennale–, and videos displayed at several exhibitions that the Centre Pompidou mounted, such as a video on artist’s stained glass windows, another video about an Italian artist’s sculptures, a story on the architectural creation “The Eden Project,” interviews with painters, poets, directors, sculptors.

Typically, the project involves a translation that a first audiovisual translator experienced in the artistic field does, followed by a revision that a second audiovisual translator does. These translators are notably able to create SRT subtitles and synchronize them. They make sure to meet all the technical standards of professional subtitling. Strict audiovisual standards for creating or adapting subtitles include rules for writing, positioning, readability, and more. At the end of the process, a quality control double-checks the quality of subtitles from both a linguistic and technical point of view. The many contemporary art lovers who visit the museum can then fully enjoy the films and videos thanks to the subtitles.

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Source language: German
Target language: French
Field: Audiovisual
Service: Subtitles
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