Russian legal translation of a retainer agreement

Russian Legal Translation of a Retainer Agreement

Client: Dansker and Aspromonte Associates, USA

Industry: Legal

Requirement: Legal translation of a retainer agreement from English into Russian for a law firm

Volume: 1312 words

Our solutions:

Dansker and Aspromonte Associates has been offering its legal services in New York since 1989. He specializes in providing legal assistance to victims of workplace negligence, car accidents and medical malpractice. He has received numerous awards and is known as one of the top law firms in New York City.

For one of his projects he has turned to Cultures Connection, which is also based in the city. Dansker and Aspromonte Associates needed a legal translation in Russian of a retainer agreement drafted in English. The legal field has terms and concepts that are difficult to translate and often have no equivalent in another country. For this reason, Cultures Connection provided a professional translator who was a native Russian speaker and had a background in law.

A Project Manager from the translation agency was available to the U.S. firm at all times. He liaised between the needs of Dansker and Aspromonte Associates and the translator’s work. She requested glossaries, style manuals and other reference documents from the company to help the translator achieve the necessary style and accuracy. It was available for any queries or changes to the translation required by the study.

In short, Cultures Connection handled the translation of the contract from start to finish. For an excellent result, it is necessary to maintain rigor throughout the entire process.

Source language: English
Target language: Russian
Field: Legal
Cultures Connection

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