Translation from French into English of a Restaurant Menu and Diverse Texts

Client: A French gourmet restaurant.

Industry: Food and Beverage – Hospitality.

Needs: Translation from French into American English of a gourmet menu, safety instructions, forms, website content and marketing content.

Our Solutions: Our translation company assisted a well-known French restaurant with its development as well as its marketing campaign aiming at attracting English-speaking customers. The project manager selected translators who specialize in culinary translation and everything related to the hospitality industry. He liaised between the translators and the client to make linguistic choices, such as whether or not to translate French culinary terms into the menu, since the use of certain French culinary names –even in an English menu– is likely to appeal to English-speaking customers. It was crucial to ensure that the menu did not lose its writing style when translated into English. The translators faced the same challenge when translating the content of the advertising campaign and the website. This restaurant trusted us for professional translation services and aknowledged the great quality of our translations.

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Source language: French
Target language: English
Field: Technical
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