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Audiovisual Translation of Content for TV in Multiple Languages

Client: TL7 – Télévision Loire 7, France

Industry: Audiovisual

Requirements: Transcription and subtitling of TV videos from and into multiple languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

Volume: 11 videos ranging from 60 to 160 minutes.

Our solutions:

The private television channel Télévision Loire 7 (TL7), a leading media outlet in the Loire department, turned to Cultures Connection for the transcription and subtitling of a dozen or so audiovisual contents.

Most of them consisted of reports in French and English that had to be translated into languages such as Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. In some other cases, the translations were also reversed into French and English.

Cultures Connection professionals first carried out the task of transcribing the reports into the source language. Then, with the original content clearly determined, the subtitles in other languages were produced.

For this, translators were needed who were native speakers of the languages of interest for the correct localization of the content and who were familiar with the general interest content of the reports. In addition, they had to be accustomed to synchronizing audio and subtitles to respect the time and space requirements of the on-screen reproductions. TL7’s viewers deserved it.

Source language: French
Target language: Portuguese
Field: Audiovisual
Cultures Connection

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