Arabic-French translation of a bidding contract for a service company

Arabic-French translation of a bidding contract for a service company

Client: IN Groupe, France

Industry: Legal

Requirement: Translation from Arabic into French of a bidding contract for an identity document production service provider.

Volume: 5.500 words

Our solutions:

Cultures Connection works in a wide variety of industries, many with very specific translation needs. IN Groupe is a French company that produces high quality and secure IDs, such as identity documents for individuals, companies and governments, and contacted the agency for the French translation of a tender contract for services in Arabic.

The document, which came from an organization of Arab origin looking for a supplier for the production of identity documents, contained the technical, financial and administrative terms and conditions for participating in the tender. Not just any translator is qualified for this job.

The right professional for this type of translation must meet several requirements. To begin with, he or she must be fluent in both Arabic and French. Knowledge of legal matters is equally important, so the translator must have previous studies, both general and specific, of the countries involved. Let us remember that legal concepts and terms vary from one culture to another and the translator must know how to recognize and adapt them for a correct understanding.

Thanks to its network of more than 700 translators worldwide, Cultures Connection was able to offer IN Groupe the best choice, taking care of the project in terms of delivery times, quality and confidentiality.

Source language: French
Target language: Arabic
Field: Legal
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