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Cultures Connection is a language service provider based in France, in the US and in Argentina. We offer professional interpreting services and more. Whether you need consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, or liaison interpretation, on-site or remote, our team can help.

At Cultures Connection, the quote is free and is done as soon as possible. If you have an urgent request, please call our offices and talk with a project manager!

Our team gives numerous quotes for a variety of interpretation projects either on-site or remote. We provide clear answers to clients’ questions who need to know more information about prices and services.

How to read an interpreting service quote?

In order to create a quote for interpreting services, our team takes into account several key pieces of information about the event, meeting, or training for which you need interpreters. The price of the service will vary based on the following criteria:

The type of interpreting service: Conference interpretation –also known as simultaneous interpretation– or consecutive interpreting or liaison interpretation and whispered interpretation;
The number of interpreters you need: This number varies according to the type of interpreting service, with a minimum of two interpreters required for simultaneous interpreting; the duration of the event; and the number of languages to be orally translated;
Your industry or field of activity: Some fields are more specialized and technical than others, such as the healthcare industry;
The interpreting equipment needed: Whether you need microphones, portable kits, audio consoles, or booths, taking into account that the quantity will vary according to the number of speakers and participants;
Additional expenses: Travel, food, accommodation, insurance, video or audio recording.

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