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Do you want to make your website accessible to the Hungarian-speaking world?
Cultures Connection offers Hungarian website translation services.

Some of our clients are:
Do you want to expand your service offerings in Hungarian? The first step in your development will be the translation of your video into Hungarian. This website is the first image that your customers will have of your company, so it is an important job not to be neglected. As a project manager at Cultures Connection, I handle all my projects with great interest. You can trust me with your projects, I will find you the translator best suited to your needs to give you a final product that meets your requirements.
Our expert’s opinion  -  Sophie, project manager, specialist in website translation


Does your company want to develop its international appeal? And your website is in English? With the help of Cultures Connection, your company can have a greater impact on your target market by translating your website into Hungarian, for example. It has been proven that customers are more likely to engage with websites that are in their native language and this can really boost your company’s international dominance. Only a professional translator must will have an innate knowledge of the culture of the target language so as to adapt the website accurately, both when it comes to the words and the presentation of the page. In this way, they can avoid any possible miscommunication between you and your clients.


Our translation agency has gathered a large team of translators specialised in the field of website translation from English to Hungarian. They are all native speakers and therefore have mastered the culture of their native language but also that of their working language. At Cultures Connection, we pride ourselves in providing you with quality translation that will meet your needs and the standards of the current market. That is why we only employ translators who are extremely experienced in their field of specialisation. Most of them have completed intensive training or have acquired their knowledge and skills through their years of study in the sector. The cultural dimension is extremely important in translation of web pages, many details such as colours, images, typography and of course the terms used make a big difference. To ensure the maximum impact on the Hungarian market, entrust the translation of your website to our translation agency now!


Please find below a non-exhaustive list of website translations into Hungarian that we regularly translate at our agency:

  • Web content
  • E-commerce sites
  • Mobile apps
  • Trading platforms
  • Product sheets
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