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Whether you're in Paris, Nice or Buenos Aires, Cultures Connection provides you with a complete translation service that guarantees quality.
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Document Receipt
We always verify that all files we receive are the appropriate ones, and identify the content to be translated. If a client sends us glossaries or translation memories, we first make sure that they will be useful for the translation in question before going forward.

File(s) Analysis & Preparation
Before starting any translation project, the project manager in charge analyses all transmitted files. Based on the volume, complexity, and deadline of the project, the project manager selects most appropriate team of linguists. Once the team is created, the project is started.

Once tasks are distributed, translators start working. We use "Query Sheets" that allow translators to send questions to the project manager about terminology and project histories with the specific client. Once a translation is completed, the project manager performs a quick quality assurance check to identify careless mistakes; any issues are clearly marked and sent back to the translator to be corrected. When this process is complete, the translation is submitted to the proofreader.

The mission of the proofreader is to correct any errors made by translators, and also to ensure that the terminology used throughout each document is coherent from one page to another. It's also his or her role to update the client's glossaries and translation memories, so that these always remain up-to-date.

Quality Assurance
The final quality assurance step is done internally by the project manager. This ultimate verification allows the project manager to identify errors such as punctuation and numbering, and any other mistakes that may have been overlooked. The proofreader is informed of these errors, and the document is returned to him or her to be corrected. Finally, the project is ready to be sent to the client.

Delivery to the Client
Once the project is complete, we send the final translated files to the client. The client then has the opportunity to review the finished product, and share any questions or issues with us. If something needs to be changed, the client can easily contact the project manager, who will perform all necessary modifications.

Language Services

Cultures Connection provides a variety of services in addition to translation.
These services include:

Interpreting Interpreting

Whether you need on-site or off-site interpreting, we can connect you with the right interpreter.

Project Management Video Subtitling

Need to add subtitles and translations to your video? Feel free to call upon our services.

Professional Translation Services

With the combination of qualified translators, a smart use of technology, and a unique contact person for each your projects,
Cultures Connection always provides high-quality translation services.

interlocuteur unique
A unique contact
équipe de traducteurs et correcteurs
A qualified team of providers
technologies de pointe
A smart use of technology

We have a very simple rule: one project, one project manager. A unique project manager is entirely dedicated to your project.

Our translators and proofreaders are carefully selected based on their background and experience, and are tested in their fields of specialization.

Machine translation (MT) helps translators meet high-quality standards in their tasks every day. Cultures Connection uses the best tools on the market, such as MemSource, Trados, Wordfast and Xbench.

Our Team

Cultures Connection team members are dedicated to your success,
and will always provide the best solution for your needs.

Fabrice Michon
Fabrice MICHON
Operations Director

School of International Affairs (SIPA, University of Columbia)
School of Latin American Studies and School of Economical Sciences (La Sorbonne, Cambridge University)

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Edouard Garret
Edouard GARRET
Business Development Director

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (EDHEC, Lille)
Bachelor in Business Studies (Espeme, University of Alberta)

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Here are some of our clients' frequently asked questions regarding our methods and processes.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us; they might get published in the FAQ!

Our translators are professionals and only work in their native languages.

Based on the nature of the project, our Project Managers select the best translators to fit your requirements.

To ensure the quality of your translation and its overall coherence, each document is proofread by one proofreader only.

We have a strong policy regarding Quality Assurance, based on the European Standard EN-15038:2006, to guarantee the highest quality in our translations.

Quality Assurance is an in-house matter and your documents always get a final internal review prior to delivery.

We build glossaries for each client in order to allow long-term harmony in our translations as well as reduced turnaround time on deliveries.

We provide tailor-made services for every client, and will always try to find the best suited solution for your goal.