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There are many specialities in the legal field, which further accentuates the difficulty of translation in this sector. Indeed, legal translators must master the different particularities and terminology of each of their work specialties. I have been working as a project manager for Cultures Connection for several years and I am therefore fully familiar with the address book existing in our translation agency, which allows me to quickly identify the specialist I know to be competent and qualified to carry out your project successfully. So don't wait any longer, contact us!
Our expert’s opinion  -  Arthur, Entrepreneur, specialist in legal translation


Legal translation requires both a great deal of linguistic skills and also considerable knowledge of the legal field. Only a professional translator experienced in the field will be able to translate whilst preserving the legal and judicial value of the source document. Terminology is particularly technical in this field and should be perfectly understood by the specialist in charge of your translation. The specialist may well have to undertake a considerable amount of research that is relative to the specific concepts used in the judicial field. For all these reasons, it is crucial to use a translation service that specialise in the subject.


At Cultures Connection, we understand that translating your legal documents is a sensitive task but that if it is done by a specialist in the field, the quality, accuracy and precision will be guaranteed. Our translation agency employs a number of translators specialising in the legal field, who have had years of experience as lawyers or legal practitioners. If you have a legal document to translate, put your trust in Cultures Connection; the expertise, precision and skills of our large network of experts are at your service.


The legal field is vast and the documents that are related to it are numerous. Below you will find the range of legal translation services that we offer in polish at Cultures Connection:

  • Distribution, sales and employment contracts
  • Filing complaints
  • Legal procedures
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expert reports
  • Regulations
  • Inheritance records
  • Divorce petitions
  • Clauses of non-competition and non-confidentiality
  • Letters of intent
  • Proxies
  • Court releases
  • Articles of association
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