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If you are looking for a good quality English-Norwegain financial translation service, Cultures Connection is the company you need.
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Some of our clients are:
As a wine producer, I often deal with clients from all around the world. For many years, my business partner and I focused on the Scandinavian market and more particularly on Norway. For this, we have called on the services of Cultures Connection for all our Norwegian marketing projects. We are completely satisfied with how the work is carried out every time and we know that at then end of each project, the quality will be there. The team is very professional and responsive. I would highly recommend this translation agency and its services to all.
Our client’s opinion  -  Louis, Wine producer


When it comes to financial translation, accuracy and precision are the magic words. The terminology used in this field can be very complex and a specialist translator must know it all inside out. To gain this in-depth knowledge, he or she has often worked in the financial sector themselves or had specialist training. One simple translation error could lead to serious consequences for your revenue, amongst other things. Therefore, you should certainly call upon a professional translation agency that is specialised in the financial sector and can guarantee that your projects are in safe hands.


At Cultures Connection, we work in direct collaboration with numerous translators who are specialists in the financial field. We recruit according to very strict criteria, always considering their qualifications and experience. Our translators have often gone into banking from business school, then working for some years for the sector or are specialists in the field due to undergoing particular training, allowing them to translate documents that contain very precise vocabulary. They only ever translate into their mother tongue and have excellent levels of both English and Norwegian. If you choose our translation agency, you can be guaranteed to receive high quality translation services at the best price.


Please find below a list of some examples of financial documents that we regularly translate into Norwegian:

  • Stock exchange
  • Bank documents
  • Audit reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Financial information documents
  • Research papers
  • Risk management and asset management documents
  • Documents concerning mergers and acquisitions
  • Investment fund reports
  • Activity reports
  • Prospectus
  • Key investor information documents – (KIID)
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