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My experience in the field of legal translation enables me to affirm that this is an extremely technical and complex sector. The importance of terminology and concepts in legal documents requires that they be translated by a true specialist. Outstanding knowledge and expertise are essential! At Cultures Connection, my colleagues and I were selected based on our experience. That is why you can count on our team for your Chinese legal translations.
Our expert's advice  -  Li Ming, Chinese Translator, legal translation specialist

English Chinese legal translation professionals at your service

Chinese legal translation is not easy at all. It requires a thorough understanding of legal concepts together with considerable knowledge of the language. Legal terms are very complex and equivalences between the different languages are not always available. To help you translate your legal documents and get a quality result at the best price, our translation company offers you the services of our professional translators, experts in Chinese legal translation (Mandarin and Cantonese).

Our legal translation agency

We offer our clients an extensive network of Chinese legal translators. They’ve integrated our team with their expertise and knowledge of Chinese legal translation (Mandarin and Cantonese). They are very familiar with legal issues and apply their experience to the benefit of our clients. Their expertise allows them to work precisely, be reliable and offer unmatched quality. The translators working for Cultures Connection are assessed through rigorous testing so as to ensure they meet our selection criteria, regardless of the types of translation services they provide us with.

Legal document translation in Chinese

We deal with many types of translations of legal documents in Chinese. Here some examples of documents that we frequently deal with:

  • Distribution, sales and employment contracts
  • Filing complaints
  • Legal procedures
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expert reports
  • Regulations
  • Inheritance records
  • Divorce petitions
  • Clauses of non-competition and non-confidentiality
  • Letters of intent
  • Proxies
  • Court releases
  • Articles of association
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