20 titres de films et leur surprenante traduction

The 20 worst translations of films in the world

Movie title translation is much more difficult than it looks. We have selected 20 examples of translations that leave much to be desired.

We were talking in the article Movie titles translation: a real headache, about the fact that movie title translation is much more difficult than it looks. And when you say hard work, it sometimes means troubling results… We have selected 20 examples of translations that leave much to be desired just for you.

1. Knocked Up

In China: One night, big belly

Knocked Up

2. Dirty Dancing

In Quebec: Lascivious dance

3. Scary Movie

In Quebec: Film of fear

4. Léon

In China: This killer is not as cold as he thought

5. Due Date

In Thailand: The journey of a strange couple at the time of a tumultuous birth

6. Boogie Nights

In China: His big camera makes him famous

7. Chicken Run

In Quebec: Fugitive Chickens

8. As Good As It Gets

In China: Mr. Cat poo

9. The Sixth Sense

In China: It´s a ghost

10. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

In Malaysia: Austin Powers: the spy who behaved in a very pleasant way around me

11. Guardians of the Galaxy

In Taiwan: The unusual interplanetary attack team

12. Silver Linings Playbook

In Russia: My boyfriend is a psychopath

13. Top Gun

In Israel: Love in the skies

14. Grease

In Argentina: Vaseline

15. Leaving Las Vegas

In Japan: I´m drunk and you´re a prostitute

Leaving Las Vegas

16. Toy Story 2

In Quebec: History of Toys 2

17. Being John Malkovich

In Japan: Malkovich’s hole

18. Shawshank redemption

In Taiwan: 1995 fantastic or 1995 excitement, or 1995 stimulation
Note: the film was released in 1994

19. The Producers

In Italy: Please don’t touch old women

20. Pulp Fiction

In Quebec: Pulpy Fiction

It is true that these translations may make us smile, but let’s keep in mind that it is essential to call good translators to be certain of preserving the essence and intent of the source text. And to finish on a good note, in Quebec, we don´t watch “There´s something about Mary”, but “Marie’s got an I don’t know what”… Good movie!

Translation into English: Chloe Findlay

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This article has been written by Mathieu

Mathieu was born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. After studying Literature and Linguistic Research, he moved to Argentina where he is currently a translator and a web editor.