The current state of the translation industry

On this 2021 International Translation Day, here’s an overview on the languages services industry. Including good news in the end! Increase in translation needs Let’s start with the best news on this International Translation Day! In 2021, employment shows steady growth. Employment for translation services providers looks even better now than prior to the pandemic, […]

Subtitling the Caribbean: A Beautiful Challenge

Cultures Connection provided the FIFAC Documentary Film Festival –that showcases films from the Amazon and the Caribbean– with subtitles services in French for 5 films 

“The most important thing an interpreter needs to have is a sixth sense of how and what to research”

With the 72nd Cannes Film Festival underway, specialized interpreter Nadia Martín talks about how to work with films and international stars.

Why translation of movie titles is a real brainteaser

In this article, learn more about translating movie titles, standard practices, and the challenges of the job.

Nadège Gayon-Debonnet: The daily life of a translator specialized in video game localization

In this interview, Nadège Gayon-Debonnet talks to us about her daily life as a translator specialized in video game localization.

The latest problems with series translation

The recent success of TV series has increased the amount of subtitling services opportunities but, at the same time, has also highlighted the new difficulties of maintaining their quality.

The 20 worst translations of films in the world

Movie title translation is much more difficult than it looks. We have selected 20 examples of translations that leave much to be desired.

Julia Borsatto: Cinema, rights and languages

In this interview, Julia Borsatto, an audiovisual translation specialist discusses her profession and the controversial project initiated by Arte.