Proverb of the day: “It’s better to be alone than in bad company!”

Don’t hesitate to to refuse a translation project from a dubious client: For a translator, it’s better to be alone than in bad company!

Beginner translator errors…

Some budding translators and translation agencies that have just entered the market tend to sell their services to at any cost and to anyone. Serious mistake!

In our sector; we often work thousands of miles from our clients. In the case of a dispute, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to recover your payment. Before accepting a new translation project, instead of being enthusiastic about winning over a new client, do some quick research on the client. In the Internet age, information is available in a few clicks: turnover (and its progression), years of activity, ratings and experiences of other translators and agencies, blacklists, etc. And feel free to refuse a translation project from a dubious client:

It’s better to be alone than in bad company!

and don’t forget to ask the right questions…

Zero risk is obviously impossible, but these quick checks are recommended; they make it possible to avoid a good number of risks. Translators and translation agencies lacking experience, eager to form their client groups, can make the mistake of accepting a project and its terms too easily. So choose your clients carefully and don’t hesitate to refuse a translation project, in the long run this strategy will pay off!

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This article has been written by Chloe Findlay

Languages student at Glasgow University (Scotland), she travelled a lot in Russia and is now doing an internship at Cultures Connection, as a first professional experience.