Proverb of the day: “It’s better to be alone than in bad company!”

Chaque semaine, Cultures Connection analyse le sens d’un proverbe français. Cette semaine, gros plan sur le proverbe “Il vaut mieux être seul qu’en mauvaise compagnie”. Le traducteur doit se poser les bonnes questions avant de travailler avec n’importe quel client au risque d’une mauvaise expérience et de traca superflus.

Proverb of the day: “Move your feet, lose your seat”

The translator’s responsiveness … In our sector, a translator’s availability is highly valued: it is without a doubt a key factor that is taken into account by any translation agency when organizing their work. A good number of translation projects are urgent or to be done over the course of a weekend. Having responsive and quality service […]

Proverb of the day: Every cloud has a silver lining

Translator’s Misfortunes… Your computer won’t turn on and the project has to be delivered in an hour? The Internet connection is slow or has cut off? A customer who represents more than 50% of your invoices has decided to change service providers for their language services? You accepted a 5000 word project for tomorrow when you already had […]

20 quotes about translation

After discussing translation and proverbs, our translation agency in Paris offers you a list of the best quotes about translation and translators. Get ready to make friends and influence people!