6 best Spanish translation apps

Spanish translation apps can help you learning the language, traveling or simply understanding a Spanish text. Here are 6 useful tools for you.

With over 450 million native speakers, Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. Despite it being considered a relatively easy language to learn, on average it takes around 480 hours of study for a person to speak Spanish. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to dedicate the hours necessary to become fluent in a new language. The good news is that downloading a Spanish translation app on your smartphone can help. Whether you are traveling or simply need a bit of help to understand Spanish text, these translation apps have got you covered. 

1. Google Translate

One of the most popular translation apps, Google Translate supports more than 100 languages, including Spanish. According to Reviewbox, Google Translate uses a neural machine translation engine to translate whole sentences, rather than individual words. This adds context to the translation, making it more natural. In addition, the app is very simple to use and is continually updated with new features. One of these is World Lens, which allows users to point their camera at a piece of text, such as a sign, and see the translation come up on their screen. Google Translate also offers speech translation and handwritten translation, which translates language handwritten on the smartphone screen. 

2. SayHi

Want to have a quick conversation with someone in Spanish, but you string two words together in the language? SayHi enables a two-way conversation in real time. It’s as easy as speaking into your phone and letting the app take care of the rest by translating your words into the desired language. It then transcribes the conversation to be seen and heard by the other party in their native language. The app covers around 90 languages and dialects, and even lets you choose the speed of the audio.

3. iTranslate Voice

The iTranslate apps—including iTranslate Converse, iTranslate Voice, and iTranslate Translator—all have different features. Perhaps the most impressive, iTranslate Voice offers “magical voice to voice translation.” Even if you speak absolutely zero Spanish, having a conversation in the language is as easy as speaking into your phone in English—or many other languages, for that matter—and having the app translate your words into Spanish or 24 other languages. 

4. TextGrabber

Ideal for translating menus and signs in a foreign language, TextGrabber scans and translates any text from an image. Simply point your phone’s camera at the text and have it translated into English, or another language on your phone’s screen, within seconds. TextGrabber is also a great tool for making sense of maps in a foreign language. The app saves all your translation results for future reference. 

5. TripLingo

Designed with travelers in mind, TripLingo features a real-time translator, as well as a tip calculator and a currency converter. The app features voice, image, and text translations in 42 languages, including Spanish. It also offers phrases in four different slang levels to help you with the local lingo, as well as interesting facts about Spanish customers and etiquette. For a fee, TripLingo can also connect you with a live translator.


Vocre is a fun and easy way to have a conversation with someone who speaks another language. This application provides instant voice translation and text translation in 59 languages by turning your phone into a translator with just a flip of the wrist. Simply speak into your smartphone and your words will be transtated into the language you choose. It is available on iOS and Android.

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