Why are translations very often urgent?

“Oh, don’t worry about the deadline… Is next week convenient?” It is usually at this point that the translator wakes up with the keyboard printed across their face. And that beautiful dream vanishes in the face of the real deadline: tomorrow. “But why are translations always urgent?” they grumble, taking a sip of cold coffee…

1 – Because history wants it that way

Time is accelerating: in 1838, Sirius, the first steamer crossed the Atlantic in 18 days. Until then, it had taken 40. In 1919, the first transatlantic flight took 15 hours. Today, 8 hours seems endless, and we impatiently wait for the 57 minute flight that we have been promised by 2030… It is the same for translations: modernity requires, everything must always go faster, including your translation agency in Paris.

2 – Because globalization also wants it that way

Time is accelerating and distances are shortening: communication with the other side of the world has become normal. These exchanges cannot suffer from being slowed down between neighbors in the global village any more than necessary. Whether it’s to greet parents back home, or for an urgent medical translation.

3 – Communication and urgent translation

Today, communication is instant. Since the advent of information technology at the end of the 20th century, communication can no longer be delayed. An urgent legal translation is expected to be, if not immediate, at least very fast.

4 – Because time is money

The vast majority of translations that are done worldwide are related to commercial activities. However, market logic requires that we lose no time.

If an urgent translation of financial reports is required to enable decision making, commercial demands require it to be carried out without delay. tweet

5 – Because competition means urgency

This business logic is also valid between translation agencies: nowadays, no translation agency can refuse urgent translations. They are an integral part of the business. A translation agency that cannot work in an emergency would be ruled out of the game.

6 – Because speed can now mean quality

With the development of translation support software, the translator can now work quickly and well. Thanks to the incorporation of specialized glossaries and the automated treatment of repetition, today the translator has the tools to be able to face any urgent marketing translation, for example, without fearing the quality of the work.

7 – Because… we can do it!

This same software makes teamwork easier, more convenient and more efficient. Today, we can share a long document between several translators without a loss of consistency or regularity. If you add to that experienced project managers and skilled translators, you will get long translated texts from one day to another without compromising quality.

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