Traffic monitoring system

English-Dutch translation of instruction manuals for the automotive industry

Client: Eunomia Traffic, Latvia

Industry: Technical

Requirement: Translation from English into Dutch of four instruction manuals for an operator of a traffic monitoring system.

Volume: 22.000 words

Our solutions:

The Data Age is just beginning. With data you can measure processes and capture trends to make better decisions. With technology this information can be recognized, stored, processed and communicated. Eunomia Traffic has developed an original data collection device for in-motion traffic monitoring that is installed in vehicles, and Cultures Connection has helped to explain how it works.

Eunomia Traffic approached Cultures Connection with the need to translate from English to Dutch four instruction manuals for the use of their equipment. This is the highest quality technology that is not visible in the car and includes tablet computers, a remote control panel, front and rear speed measurement sensors, 360-degree video surveillance cameras, automatic license plate recognition processors and a battery for power management of the equipment.

In order to explain the operation of the equipment’s elements in a new language, Cultures Connection chose an interpreter with knowledge of automotive, technology, technology and even road safety, considering that these devices are intended to detect traffic violations.

As the manuals are intended for operators of this equipment who speak Dutch, the interpreter was also chosen with Dutch as a native language. The challenge was not only to adapt the explanations from one language to another, but also to respect the format and images of the instructions, a very sensitive and creative job since Dutch has on average longer words than English.

The translation agency provided the professional with the company’s previous glossaries and guides in order to respect the vocabulary and tone previously used. It also chose a Project Manager to act as a liaison between the translator and the company for any eventuality or suggestion in the translation project. Thus, Cultures Connection ended up meeting Eunomia Traffic’s expectations.

Source language: English
Target language: Dutch
Field: Technical
Cultures Connection

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