Urgent translation of legal document for international law firm

Urgent translation of legal document for international law firm

Client: White & Case, from United States

Industry: Legal

Requirement: Urgent translation from English into Romanian of an application for participation in a tender seeking legal representation

Volume: 7.000 words

Our solutions:

The American firm White & Case was interested in participating in a bidding process for the award of a legal representation service in favor of a public body, initiated by the Ministry of Justice of an Eastern European country. Cultures Connection provided legal translation services to enable the law firm to participate by converting the contents of its application document from English into Romanian.

Legal translation has several challenges. Not only does it require knowledge of concepts and terminology, it also requires preparation to master the legislation of a given country, which can vary considerably from one country to another. In this case, the trial was being arbitrated by the Hague Tribunal, so it was framed by international law.

The biggest challenge in this order was that the client wanted to have the translation ready immediately and Cultures Connection translated White & Case’s request in a single day. There were 7000 words containing the presentation of the U.S. company and its representatives, a list of its international endorsements to win the public tender and a detailed budget estimate for the service to be provided.

Cultures Connection arranged for a professional translator who was a native Romanian speaker with experience in the legal sector, and was the liaison between White & Case’s requirements and the translator’s work. With complete confidentiality on the information provided, the result was accurate and ready before the final submission date of the contest applications.

Source language: English
Target language: English
Field: Legal
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