Translation from English into French of a Legal Document in the Energy Sector

Client: One of the global leaders in the Environmental & Energy sector.

Needs: Translation of a shareholders agreement, i.e. a key legal document that sets the contractual rules between the partners and clarifies shareholding goals.

Our Solutions: A seasoned project manager used our extensive network of translators and selected legam translators also skilled in the energy field. Our French native speaker translators translated from English into French this document that included diverse topics such as the sale of shareholdings or environmental and social issues. The aim of the agreement was for instance to inform readers on how to proceed and what to do as a shareholder of the company in West Africa.The translation project required legal knowledge, professionalism, and thoroughness in order to make sure that the agreement was properly understood by the French-speaking shareholders.

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Source language: English
Target language: French
Field: Legal
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