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Edouard, chef de projet, spécialiste de la traduction scientifique

La communauté scientifique vise à produire des connaissances d'une valeur universelle. En tant que chef de projet, mon travail est de respecter cette ambition et de faire retranscrire les documents dans une autre langue en gardant à l'esprit cet objectif. La traduction scientifique en anglais de tout document doit être nécessairement confiée à un traducteur spécialisé et expérimenté, pouvant comprendre les concepts scientifiques et ayant les compétences linguistiques pour retranscrire ce contenu dans une autre langue. La traduction scientifique français anglais est un art, choisir Cultures Connection vous assure un travail d'excellence.

English to French scientific translation: accuracy above all else

Any scientific paper presents a complex and highly technical terminology. Only a specialist of scientific translation in French is able to handle such a project with the quality and rigour required.

Whatever the nature of your scientific document, our translation agency ensures it is handled by the most competent translators and proofreaders who will best be able to cope with all the technical terms found throughout the text. Our French scientific translators are all chosen on the basis of their degrees, qualifications, experience and knowledge of the terminology related to the project. Our areas of expertise are varied: biotechnology, zoology, renewable energies, sustainable development, health, food, molecular physiology… and many others.

Our translation company

The translation of scientific documents from French into English and from English into French is an integral part of our work. Cultures Connection offers great translation services and ensures your scientific translation runs smoothly from start to finish. Even before the translation process is started, our company makes sure all the terminology has been researched, thus ensuring that the technical concepts are properly identified throughout the translated document. Fully aware that a single word can have various translations, we make sure that the exact equivalent is used in the target text in order to preserve the value and accuracy of the source document. To do this, we use reference materials on the subject.

Scientific document translation in French

We translate a wide range of scientific documents from and into French. Here is an overview:

  • Lexicons, scientific encyclopedias and glossaries
  • Technical documents and research articles
  • Operator and user manuals
  • Laboratory tests, testing protocols
  • Legal documents, patents and guidelines
  • Specifications
  • Cross-country project and market studies
  • Simulation software (biotech, environment, industrial site redevelopment)
  • Multimedia and video presentations
  • Translation and localization of websites
  • Translation of technical manuals, conference presentations

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