What is back translation?

After talking about Mark Twain’s back translation, let’s look at its practical use in the field of medical translation. Is this method of translation relevant? Is it still in use today? To find out, read our article!

6 translation problems

When translating a technical text or a certified document, which translator has not racked their brain for solutions as they try to render a complex phrase? Mathieu, translator and web editor at Cultures Connection, makes a list of the most common translation problems.

6 contemporary theories to translation

Translation is a discipline that evolves over time. Mathieu looks at the six translation theories: sociological, communication, hermeneutics, linguistics, literature and semiotics. A useful article for beginners and also a worthy reminder for the professional translator.

Tips for translators: 20 tips for reducing stress

The translation profession, with its irregular hours and and its frequently tight deadlines can be stressful. Twenty tips for a legal translation or a marketing translation doesn’t become the straw that broke the camel’s back…

Translation agency: How to choose your DTP provider

Brochures, manuals, graphics, leaflets, web sites … Whatever the visuals, the graphic designer will not fail to highlight translations according to your needs and wishes. But how to choose the right DTP provider? Read all our tips for a successful collaboration!

Why translation tests tend to be misleading

What should we do when we hear: “You will need to take a free test to get the job” in a translation offer? Make sure first that a real project is not hiding behind the test.

Becoming a translator: Tips and errors to avoid

In order to work as a translator, one needs to be rigorous and organized. Whether you’re a freelancer or working for a translation agency, find here all our tips to avoid making rookie mistakes.

My three rules for time management

As a freelance it feels nice not having someone to boss you around, but you will still need some rules for time management to meet your deadlines.