Transcreation vs translation

Many have heard the word transcreation, but few know what it means. In this article we show how this skilled task differs from that of translation.

Negotiating translation rates: 3 clients, 3 strategies

Every translator, beginner or experienced, has had to deal with a client who wants to negotiate translation prices. This article gives you some tips for defining your client’s profile, and adopting a strategy negotiating translation rates.

The art and science of subtitling

Though it may appear simple, subtitling is a complex task. If strict norms are not followed, the dialogues of the characters on our favorite television show might make no sense. Discover the ABCs of the art of subtitling.

7 translation techniques to facilitate your work

Just as there are different types of translation and different methods of translation, there are different techniques of translation.

How can we translate the first line of Camus’ The Stranger into English?

There are few opening words as well known as those of The Stranger, by Albert Camus. A simple and equally lapidary phrase: “Aujourd’hui, maman est morte”.

5 CAT tools that every translator should use

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5 techniques of literary translation

A brief introduction to translation featuring five literary translation techniques as proposed by Professor Amparo Hurtado Albir, one of today’s foremost translation specialists. Learn here all about adaptation and borrowing through compensation.

6 examples of the language police

Just like the French Academy, the language academies or “language police” are the authorities responsible for determining what is right and what is not in the use of language. Overview of language academies in Italy, Holland, Spain…