Why choose a translation agency in Paris or close to you?

With more offices moving abroad every day, it is easier to be connected to languages all over the world from a small translation agency across the street.

When speakers and interpreters do not understand

When a speaker and an interpreter don’t understand, small comical blunders or epic nonsense can arise, but some misunderstandings can cause a lot of problems.

Why should we not skimp on the quality of translations?

Thanks to automatic translation, anyone can “translate” these days, but these translations lack the quality that a worthy translation agency can offer.

What value does a translation agency add?

Why use the services of a translation agency rather than a freelance translator, or even an automatic translation program?

The translator’s true nature

In order to address preconceived ideas and dispel the vagueness surrounding the translation profession, learn about the true nature of the translator here.

Are urgent translations and quality translations compatible?

Doing it quickly and well: the constant challenge for any translator. If the deadline isn’t yesterday, it’s tomorrow, at best on Monday if the document is sent on a Friday. However, translators are accustomed to working with very short deadlines. But does this affect the quality of an urgent translation? Our experience shows that the […]

How can you ensure the quality of your translations?

A brief overview of the measures to take, which will ensure that your choice of translation agency delivers quality translations.

5 tips for negotiating a deadline of an urgent translation

Setting a deadline for a translation is not a trivial decision. A small overview of what to consider when negotiating a deadline for an urgent translation.