5 tips for negotiating a deadline of an urgent translation

Setting a deadline for a translation is not a trivial decision. A small overview of what to consider when negotiating a deadline for an urgent translation.

5 tips to become a financial translator

A financial translator is involved in all types of banking activity, tax, stock market and more general economic activities. Here are five tips to focus in this specific area.

How to finish a translation

The main questions which must arise to establish good dialogue in a professional translation service match the needs of the client with us.

Freelance translator and quiet periods

You should know that the majority of the world’s translators are self-employed, and the early stages in this adventure are often tedious.

Correction, revision, proofreading, editing: Say what?

Correction, Revision, Proofreading, Editing: Define these translation concepts and communicate with your client in order to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Saying no to a translation project

You don’t have to accept every single translation job. Out of respect for clients and for your own abilities, you have to learn to say no.

Freelance translators and holidays: An impossible marriage?

The freelance translator can have their computer anywhere, but the reality is that between sun and sea, a folder marked urgent will always pop up.

Dear translation agency: I have some questions for you!

When you accept a project or work with a new translation agency, some issues often pop up regarding the working methods and the translation to be completed.