French-English Translation: Gourmet Restaurant Menu

Find out all our language projects: translation, interpretation, subtitling, transcription…

English-French Translation: Legal Document

Our translation agency has worked with one of the global leaders in the field of energy and the environment.

English-French Translation: Financial Documents

Translation of financial and banking documents for a Parisian investment company.

English-French Interpretation Services: In-company Training Course

English-French consecutive interpretation during an in-company training for an advertising agency.

English-Arabic Translation: Museum Brochure

Translation of an educational catalog from English into Arabic for a modern art museum in Luxembourg.

English-German Website Localization: E-commerce

Localization and translation of e-commerce platform from English into German for a leading global market solutions company.

The 15 most unusual words you’ll ever find in English

Did I mention these were weird? Gobbledygook, yarborough, kakorrhaphiophobia … There are certain words that you will never learn in English class… The fifteen most unusual words you’ll ever find in English.

English-Chinese Translation: HR Documents

Translation of a 15-page HR document from English into Chinese (Mandarin) for a major international pharmaceutical group.