The current state of the translation industry

On this 2021 International Translation Day, here’s an overview on the languages services industry. Including good news in the end! Increase in translation needs Let’s start with the best news on this International Translation Day! In 2021, employment shows steady growth. Employment for translation services providers looks even better now than prior to the pandemic, […]

Nadège Gayon-Debonnet: The daily life of a translator specialized in video game localization

In this interview, Nadège Gayon-Debonnet talks to us about her daily life as a translator specialized in video game localization.

A thousand and one pixels in video game localization

Video game localization is constantly evolving, but a question then arises: what is the future of localization in the ever-changing world of video games?

Marianne Siréta: Under the hood of website localization

Marianne Siréta, our website localization expert, grants us an interview dealing with translation from the cultural point of view.

Antoine, an expert video game translator

Antoine is a young man of 28 who tells us in the course of an interview about his profession as a translator specializing in video games. As a freelance translator, he manages projects all the way through, from the moment he receives the original files to final delivery, handling all the aspects of translation needed to bring the game to life in the French language.

Translating video games: a tough battle!

Translating video games is not only about transcribing subtitles, dialogues, interfaces, and instructions. The video game translator also has to localize so that video gamers can enjoy the game.