How financial translators can and must intervene in the fight against fraud

Professionals operating in financial translation can, and should, intervene in the fight against crimes such as corruption, money laundering and data theft.

Manual or automatic translation?

Automatic translation continues to improve day by day. However, it is still unable to reach perfect levels of accuracy and lacks a natural feel. Will it ever replace human translation?

What value does a translation agency add?

Why use the services of a translation agency rather than a freelance translator, or even an automatic translation program?

“There are few publishers that look after their translators”

How does journalistic translation work in a period of crisis for the sector? Cultures Connection discussed the issue with the Argentinian translator Gustavo Recalde, who has worked on the adaptation of articles into Spanish for Le Monde Diplomatique Cono Sur since 2002.

Mathilde Ramadier: at the forefront of Panama Papers

In this interview, Mathilde Ramadier, explains how she translated one of the most significant enquiries in investigative journalism, the Panama Papers.

The translator’s true nature

In order to address preconceived ideas and dispel the vagueness surrounding the translation profession, learn about the true nature of the translator here.

Troubles of the Chinese punctuation

Two languages as different as English and Chinese, can have all kinds of issues for translators. Chinese punctuation, for example.

5 tips for negotiating a deadline of an urgent translation

Setting a deadline for a translation is not a trivial decision. A small overview of what to consider when negotiating a deadline for an urgent translation.