The 6 Best Spanish Translation Apps

Spanish translation apps can help you learn the language, travel or just understand a text written in Spanish. Find out about 6 useful tools.

Translating history: Why you should learn latin

While only spoken in the Vatican, remnants of the Latin language can still be seen everywhere. There are still many compelling reasons to learn Latin.

St. Jerome: The Patron Saint of your translations

Riddle: what is the link between a certain Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus Stridonensis, born in the IV century in present day Croatia, and your translation agency?

3 rules for negotiating the objectives of language courses in your company

Cost-effective language courses should focus on results that can be evaluated regularly, but these results must be targeted, motivational and reasonable.

When speakers and interpreters do not understand

When a speaker and an interpreter don’t understand, small comical blunders or epic nonsense can arise, but some misunderstandings can cause a lot of problems.

4 good reasons to offer language courses in your company

Language courses in companies can be seen as a luxury that only some companies can afford, but language courses are a profitable investment.

Manual or automatic translation?

Automatic translation continues to improve day by day. However, it is still unable to reach perfect levels of accuracy and lacks a natural feel. Will it ever replace human translation?

Interpreting saves native languages

Do you know that there are 28 minority languages in Argentina. Unfortunately, as in many parts of the world, the majority of these languages are under threat.