“The most important thing an interpreter needs to have is a sixth sense of how and what to research”

With the 72nd Cannes Film Festival underway, specialized interpreter Nadia Martín talks about how to work with films and international stars.

Nadège Gayon-Debonnet: The daily life of a translator specialized in video game localization

In this interview, Nadège Gayon-Debonnet talks to us about her daily life as a translator specialized in video game localization.

“Interpreters in zones of conflict are treated like outcasts”

Left defenceless, facing persecution and death. Eduardo Kahane, member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters, recently spoke to Cultures Connection, explaining the difficulties interpreters have when working in zones of conflict.

Nadine Gassie: Stephen King, a family affair

Henri Bovet, publisher at Slatkine & Cie found her translation remarkable “both literary and literal” of Alice Hoffman’s book Un mariage contre nature. A compliment that particularly struck Nadine Gassie, a specialist in literary translation for over 30 years now. Fascinated by other cultures and all the literature that could come from abroad, it was […]

“There are few publishers that look after their translators”

How does journalistic translation work in a period of crisis for the sector? Cultures Connection discussed the issue with the Argentinian translator Gustavo Recalde, who has worked on the adaptation of articles into Spanish for Le Monde Diplomatique Cono Sur since 2002.

Mathilde Ramadier: at the forefront of Panama Papers

While Edward Snowden is stuck in Moscow and Antoine Deltour – the whistleblower of LuxLeaks – is still fighting with the courts for denouncing fraudulent tax agreements between multinationals and tax authorities in Luxembourg, “John Doe” took the risk of exposing the criminal practices of Mossack Fonseca law firms. With the valuable help of Bastian […]

“Translation is more than just shifting from one language to another”

To celebrate ‘International Translation Day’, Cultures Connection chatted with Marita Propato, translator and President of the Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters, about the evolution of translation and interpreting services and, more precisely, indigenous languages and Argentina.

Marie-Agnès Latourte: When training and business intersect

Even before enrolling at ISIT in order to obtain a diploma as a translator and then conference interpreter, Marie-Agnès Latourte embarked on the translation of a play by the German playwright Wolfgang Borchert, « Drauβen vor der Tür », which she discovered in high school. After graduating, this young translator has built up freelance clientele in the […]