How financial translators can and must intervene in the fight against fraud

Professionals operating in financial translation can, and should, intervene in the fight against crimes such as corruption, money laundering and data theft.

The consequences of a bad financial translation

Nowadays, financial reports must be transparent and adapt to financial specifications, in each country, but a bad financial translation can be disastrous.

5 tips to become a financial translator

A financial translator is involved in all types of banking activity, tax, stock market and more general economic activities. Here are five tips to focus in this specific area.

English-French Translation: Financial Documents

Translation of financial and banking documents for a Parisian investment company.

Evolution of needs in financial translation

Without respite, the financial translator is adapting to the demands of the constantly changing world of finance. But how are the needs for financial translation developing ? What changes must the financial translator take into account?

5 mistakes in financial translation

Translating numbers from one language to another is not as easy as it seems. In financial translation, a mistake can be particularly costly if there’s a confusion. Here are the 5 most common mistakes in financial translation.