Interpretation is in the air in Paris

Cultures Connection collaborated with the French brand Sephora to organize its new 2018 Collection launch with a simultaneous interpretation service.

Interpretation: The perfect accessory for any luxury fair

Cultures Connection offered its interpretation services to the Spanish company Madolaz as they attended Luxe Pack, a Monaco exhibition of luxury accessories.

Simultaneous interpretation at the service of LARTC 2018 “Ask the Experts”

The LARTC 2018 conference took place in Buenos Aires on June 5 and 6 at the Yacht Club Puerto Madero. Cultures Connection again participated at this event.

French-English Translation: Gourmet Restaurant Menu

Find out all our language projects: translation, interpretation, subtitling, transcription…

English-French Interpretation Services: In-company Training Course

English-French consecutive interpretation during an in-company training for an advertising agency.

French-Polish Translation: Product Catalog

Translation of a catalog and product sheets for a company specializing in the distribution of fine teas and accessories.