Why choose a translation agency in Paris or close to you?

With more offices moving abroad every day, it is easier to be connected to languages all over the world from a small translation agency across the street.

Fueling simultaneous interpretation at South America Energy Week

When Buenos Aires hosted South America Energy Week, Cultures Connection was given the privilege of providing the simultaneous interpretation services for two days.

Enabling the sharing of ideas for Radio Mitre and Deezer

The Argentine and French firms came together in Paris to review the results of their new alliance in Argentina, with the liaison interpretation of Cultures Connection.  

Technical interpretation: Building the future of Nice

Cultures Connection provided liaison interpreting services during construction negotiations for ‘Iconic’, a futuristic project that looks to revive the city centre.

LARTC in Chile: Simultaneous interpretation for the Latin American petrochemicals industry

The services of Cultures Connection were again on show at an edition of the most important event for the petrochemical sector in Latin America.

Tourism interpretation in sunny Marseille

A group of tourists from Hungary, Poland, Romania and Turkey were able to experience one of the most important cities in France firsthand, thanks to the services of Cultures Connection.

Interpretation is in the air in Paris

Cultures Connection collaborated with the French brand Sephora to organize its new 2018 Collection launch with a simultaneous interpretation service.

What value does a translation agency add?

Why use the services of a translation agency rather than a freelance translator, or even an automatic translation program?