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As Turkish is spoken by more than 70 million people, you may regularly come upon a need for translation into it. Of course, this task is far from simple. There are many differences between English and Turkish. Turkish lacks articles and genders. Nouns are declined according to six cases and the plural is formed by the insertion of a syllable between the stem and the ending. Turkish syntax, too, is rather peculiar. The order of the words in no way resembles that of the English language. For example, “the master of the house” is translated as “of-the-house its-master”. All reasons to always entrust your translations to a Turkish translation professional!

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Thinking of translating your documents into Turkish ? Great idea! The Turkish economy is characterized by the presence of a large domestic market (75 million consumers) and significant investments. This could represent a true opportunity for your business, not to mention that the Turkish economy is relatively open with external trade representing 48% of the GDP. Moreover, did you know that the European Union is Turkey’s largest trading partner? If your company is located in an English-speaking European country, take advantage of these privileged trade relations with the help of English-Turkish translation!

Does your company aspire to grow in the Turkish markets? Translating your documents or website into Turkish may prove to be a serious competitive advantage. Cultures Connection offers translation services from or into Turkish no matter the nature of your project or the business sector of your company.

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Need an English-Turkish translator? A Turkish-English translator? Whether you are a large group or an SME, Cultures Connection is the intermediary to contact. Our translation agency works with many Turkish translators and commits to selecting the most qualified language experts for your project. Our extensive network of specialists allows us to quickly handle requests for translation in very diverse sectors of business.

In addition to their language skills, our translators are outstanding experts in their fields. So, if you need a business translation in Turkish, our translation company will contact a professional with demonstrated experience in sales and/or marketing. All of our Turkish translators have degrees and at least five years of proven professional experience. In compliance with the regulations in force, they work only into their native languages.

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