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Nicolas, project manager, video games translation specialist

Many people underestimate the difficulty of video games translation. Therefore, they do not entrust this task to the most competent professional. I am sure that you have smiled or frowned when coming across a translation that had no meaning or that was not appropriate at all in context... This happens when one does not make the effort to assign their project to the right person. As a project manager at Cultures Connection, I know that only a video games translation specialist can offer quality work. I will personally make sure to find the specialist you need!

Video games translation: distribute your video game overseas

At Cultures Connection, we are convinced that the localization of video games is necessary for their distribution. Localization, not translation, because the work required goes beyond a simple transposition of words from source language to target language.It is not a traditional translation service. The video game translator has to be immersed in the game’s universe for his work to be adapted to the local market, by modifying the references if necessary. The video game localization process also includes the adaptation of menus, subtitles, instructions, jackets, advertising materials and many more.

The localization of your video games in Dutch

For the Dutch-speaking audience and English-speaking audience to enjoy the same gaming experience, our video game localizers take pride in leaving no detail to chance. Cultures Connection works with a team of professionals in English-Dutch translation. Throughout the process, project managers and testers assist the translators and answer their questions. A quality control check is performed at the end. For the translation of your video games into Dutch, you can rely on our agency – you will not be disappointed.

Our English Dutch video games translation services

Our translation agency deals with the translation of different types of audiovisual materials, including:

  • Video games translation
  • Video game localization
  • Project management
  • Subtitles
  • Recording and dubbing
  • Quality control

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