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Arabic, today an essential language, represents a real headache for most English speakers. And complex language means complex translation! Here are various reasons why you should always trust your English-Arabic translations to true specialists whose mother tongue is Arabic. A 28-letter alphabet, few vowels, reading from right to left... But that is not all! The shapes of the letters vary depending on their place in the words. The words follow certain declensions. In addition, the vowels are not always written. Thus, “maktab” (office) is commonly written as “Mktb”. And let’s finish with a bit of syntax: in the language of the Koran, the verb appears before the subject.

Professional Arabic translation services

With some 270 million speakers, including about 220 native speakers, Arabic is an extremely useful and strategic language in the context of your business today. The translation of your documents in Arabic is key for expansion in the Middle East, where there are many potential economic partners. Faced with this reality, Arabic translation is essential an essential strategic tool for companies wishing to conquer Arab markets. English-Arabic translation as well as Arabic-English translation are also among our most requested services.

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Finding a qualified translator with mastery of a language as specific as Arabic, as well as a specialization in a particular field, can prove to be a real headache. Are you looking for a professional Arabic translator? You can count on the Cultures Connection team.

With its experience in translation services, our agency has developed a network of reliable, rigorous, and competent Arabic-English and English-Arabic translators. They must pass a series of tests before they can be registered in our database. From the receipt of documents through delivery, your translation project is in good hands. In addition to translation, we offer correction, editing, and proofreading services.

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