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Houda, Arabic translator, scientific translation specialist

My job is to ensure that your scientific document is in accordance with local requirements. In this area, regulations are becoming increasingly strict and respecting them is of utmost importance. In the Cultures Connection team, we are all trained in our respective fields. We can therefore offer you high quality scientific translations. We are specialized in the subject matter and always translate into our mother tongue in order to ensure the best service.

English to Arabic scientific translation: rigour above all else

Scientific documents contain all sorts of complex and specific terms. This terminology makes the translation of this type of document particularly delicate, especially when performed into Arabic. Indeed, it is necessary to use the exact equivalents in the target language in order to preserve the idea and the message of the source text. Such work can only be done by an Arabic scientific translation professional. The areas are varied: botany, virology, medicine, host pathogen interaction, bioengineering… and many more. In all cases, we take care to entrust your project to an English to Arabic or Arabic to English translator specialized in scientific translation.

Our translation company

Cultures Connection has the resources to ensure fast and reliable results. Throughout our years of experience, we have developed high-quality translation services and a foolproof system of project monitoring, terminology research and client service in order to deliver quality translations as quickly as possible. Our experience has taught us that for English to Arabic translation, using the adapted term in a specific context is essential. Any mistake can have serious consequences and we strive to deliver a translation free of inaccuracies and awkwardness.

Scientific document translation in Arabic

We translate many types of documents from and into Arabic. Below is a short list of examples of projects that we deal with on a daily basis:

  • Lexicons, scientific encyclopedias and glossaries
  • Technical documents and research articles
  • Operator and user manuals
  • Laboratory tests, testing protocols
  • Legal documents, patents and guidelines
  • Specifications
  • Cross-country project and market studies
  • Simulation software (biotech, environment, industrial site redevelopment)
  • Multimedia and video presentations
  • Translation and localization of websites
  • Translation of technical manuals, conference presentations

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